6 thoughts on “Important public announcement”

    1. Yes, we really need to have a talk about this whole ‘enjoying your work’-thing. It’s a completely alien concept to me!!

  1. Something to do with “freedom” I guess? Can’s imagine that a new job is that horrible already in the first week, or is it? Best of luck with path of pain and suffering 😉 Oh heck, just wrote a comment that is about as longs as your entire post…

    1. Well, that is what I get for trying to be short and witty! The job isn’t horrible at all. It’s more that I really enjoyed the three months at home! A bit like spending 2 weeks in October on holiday in a warm, blue sky place, running around in t-shirt and shorts. And then coming back to the gray sky and rain of Belgium. Even if you know that the weather in Belgium is actually not terrible, it’s sure is going to feel like that to you. But it just cemented my conviction to keep following the course for financial freedom.

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