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Monthly expense report: April

Another somewhat ‘wonky’ month due to the big tax return last month. As of next month income and expenses should return to a somewhat more stable rhythm (famous last words …).

Also the first month ever where I kinda did a withdrawal from the stash. As mentioned hereΒ I started day trading a bit just to hurry up the renovations of our house. Option premiums will remain in the investment account and hopefully help build up the stash a bit but day trading profit as of now will be used for home renovations. i could withdraw it in one go but that would make these monthly overviews very ‘wonky’ again. So, I will also try to smooth out highs in expenses or lows in income with it. In the end it doesn’t matter as I will withdraw all day trade profits from this year in this year. It will just look better this way.

Personal account:

Income: 2 039,50

Expenses : 1 557,88

Savings: 481,62 or 23,61%

Income was 1 430 euro unemployment benefits, 330 euro profit participation from last year when I still worked for a few months at the big bank and a 250 euro day trading withdraw from the investment account. Total profits of the day trading are at the moment 2 250 euro so I still have 2 000 euro’s ‘at the bank’. It remains to be seen how much day trading I will be able to do now I am working again.

No payments to the joint bank account as we are still eating up the tax return from last month but we did book a 12 day holiday to Lanzarote which has been paid in full. Most other expenses are pretty standard. Another 60 euro for fun stuff for the retro techno evening we will be holding and around 70 euro for the train for the job interview and signing of the contract stuff and such. I am pretty glad that that last budget line will be zero again (train abo paid by work again, yeah!).

The joint bank account

Income: 71 euro

Expenses: 2 955,58

Savings: – 2 884,58 or -4060% (haha)

Income, well we couldn’t really leave it at zero as then we would have had a negative to infinity savings rate here!

Expenses are high mainly due to a 545 euro maintenance fee for the car. having the car checked (a legal obligation in Belgium) also cost us 46 euro. The car is 11 years old and has driven 210.000 km. So all in all we are ok with these costs. Hopefully we can squeeze two more years of life out of the car without major expenses.

Groceries are also higher with 543 euro. We have been eating less frequently and less healthy this month. I am to blame for most of this as I still have not started my new diet.

Add to that a nice present for the birth of the second child of some good friends of ours and we end up with the most expensive month for our joint account off the year.

May holds no weddings and no births so here’s hoping the expenses next month will be closer to the 2 000 euro mark than the 3 000 euro mark!

Anyway, my half of this joint expense comes to 1 442,30 euro.

Even adding my personals savings of 481,62 euro to it keeps me deeply in negative territory. I guess it’s a good thing I have a job again!


  1. Team CF

    Well, -4060%, that’s a one I have not seen before πŸ™‚ Funny how math does not always reflect reality well eh? Is the new job going to help you save more for investing as of next month?

    • finan112_wp

      It should help me save more. But all savings will be used to speed up the renovations of the house. So the stash will have to continu to grow on it’s own.

      • Team CF

        Good luck with the reno’s!

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