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Get yourself a will!

There is one thing I haven’t read a lot about in the financial freedom community. And it’s lack is a bit strange since it is about money and is probably the biggest wealth transfer you will ever handle. It is the need for a will. EVERYBODY should have a will. NOW!

Contemplating one’s own mortality might not be the most ‘fun’-activity to do but it is something that needs to be done. Personally I am hoping that when the time comes my consciousness can be transferred to a giant robot who will then go on to play a crucial role in the battle to save earth from aliens. But that doesn’t mean I have no need for a will!

A well thought out testament will not only lower the tax burden for those you chose to leave your earthly belongings but might also prevent fighting among them. In my own family it took three years to wrap up the last of the inheritance issues after the dead of the last grandparent!


The quickest and easiest way is to write one yourself. You can find examples all over the internet and if it is a simple and straightforward affair this might suffice.

Get a professional

But once property, an investment portfolio and such are added in the mix it might be best to employ the services of a notary. It is usually not that expensive (a couple of 100 euro) and they know what is possible within the law and how to best phrase it to avoid any discussion.

Since our politicians are contemplating a big change in Belgian succession law it might be best to wait until the new law is published before paying a notary. But this shouldn’t stop you from thinking this over and already writing your own testament. The better you are prepared before visiting the notary the cheaper his services will be.

Revise it every 5 – 10 years

We got ours the day we moved into our jointly bought house and officially registered at our community as living together. The one thing we forgot to take into account is what would happen when we both died at the same time. Since the girlfriend is my main beneficiary and we both live in the same house and often travel together that possibility definitely exists! (The girlfriend does not accept the giant robot scenario, even when I showed her it could be a cute robot, grr women!) If there is a realistic possibility that your main beneficiary can die at the same moment as you, you should write out this scenario also.

But it has been 7 years since we wrote our testament. Our assets have grown considerably and a new nephew has been born in that time. So a new testament will be drafted at the notary as soon as the law has been changed. We always considered this testament as ‘good enough for the next 5 years of our life’. Once you have a will it is best to revisit it every couple of years and see if changes are necessary. For small changes the do it yourself approach will suffice but for big changes a new visit to the notary might be best.

Have a talk

Another thing I would like to stress out is the need to talk. Like the old publicity of the KBC –rightfully-  claimed: talking works! Explain why you want certain things the way you want them. Your will should not contain any surprises for anybody! In the case of a will, a good surprise for somebody often means an unpleasant surprise for somebody else. Also try to avoid to ‘rule from beyond the grave’. Know your limitations! Trying to determine how somebody should use the money you gave him/her is a waste in futility and can cause problems in your family for decades to come. You are dead, stop wasting your time with these mortal issues and learn to play the harp or avoid the pitchfork 😉



  1. ambertreeleaves

    Haha… A giant space robot! Sounds fun.

    I know it is a must have, not having it does not bother me enough.

  2. Team CF

    Working on it….just got get the paper portion sorted out one of these days.
    Completely agree with your statement that you should have a will.

    • financialfreedomsloth

      We had the notary handle the paperwork. It was only around 200 euro. And since it will have served for 8 years that is only a cost of 25 euro for some nice peace of mind

  3. Divnomics

    Completely agree as well… Don’t have one though.

    We are setting up a prenup before our wedding next year, and are thinking to set up a will at the same time. We’ve already talked about it, so it’ wouldn’t be too difficult to decide how we want to deal with things.

    • financialfreedomsloth

      Deciding what you want is the biggest job; After that it is just some paperwork. We also only got one after se started living together officially. it’s one of those important moments in life that have a big impact and make a testament or an update to it necessary.

      • Divnomics

        Agree, you also want to make sure those big moments are going very smoothly. Luckily we still have some time to think it over for next year.

  4. Derek @ Money by Dad

    Thanks for this post. We desperately need to create a will and have been putting it off for too long now. One of those tasks that has cause a disproportionate amount of stress relative to the actual work that will be required to complete it.

    • financialfreedom

      Yes, it is definitely one off those things you just need to do! And once done you are going to be like: ‘why did we put it off for so long, this is easy and quick!’

  5. MustardSeedMoney

    I plan to sign my will next week. It’s been a long time coming and something that I put off. But I wrote about it earlier this year and finally bit the bullet. So glad that it will soon be behind me and something I need to think about once a decade rather than haunting me every couple of months 🙂

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