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Monthly expense report: September

Wauw, already half way octobre and I still need to post my September expense report. I am really doing my sloth reputation honor this month.

Personal account:

Income: 2 036,42 euro

Expenses: 1 578,72 euro

Savings: 457,70 euro or 22,48%

Again a bit over 1 500 euro in spending. The overspend had one and only one reason: our holiday in lanzarote. Let me tell you, Lanzarote is not the cheapest place to go on holiday to. Could we have made it a more frugal holiday: definitely yes (think 55 euro submarine trip). Did I feel like it: nope! Honestly, I go on holiday so infrequently (this was my second holiday in 8 years) that being frugal while on holiday just isn’t very high on my to do list. It is at home, in Belgium that the biggest gains are to be made. And since I am lazy it is best to concentrate the few efforts I do there. Maximum gain for minimal effort is my motto.

The joint bank account:

Income: 2 608 euro

Expenses: 2 149 euro

Savings: 459 euro

We didn’t use the joint account to pay for anything during our holiday. It didn’t make that much of an impact on our joint spending as all fix costs off course remained.

Meal tickets only for the one month were 112 euro.

So total income 2 036,42 + 56 euro = 2 092,42
Total savings 457,70 + 229,50 euro= 687,20 euro which gives me a total savings rate of 32,8%


  1. DD

    I’m wondering how you go from 22% SR personal and 17% joint to 32% total SR? Still, cool to see a holiday doesn’t set you back. This must be your wife

    • finan112_wp

      My biggest expense is what I pay into the joint account: 1 200 euro most months.The girlfriend does the same. But we don’t spend all that money each month so I add half of the excess in that account to my savings because that money wasn’t spend.

      I actually shouldn’t look at my savings rate as it is not being invested but put aside for future home renovations. But lazy as I am I just used no more waffels budget sheet and it makes the savings rate calculation automatically. Perhaps next year I will rework the expense overview as for me the main point is to see if I could live of 1 500 euro a month (thus far the anwser is no).

      • DD

        Ah now I get it.

        Can you please delete my original post. I hate the fact that I didn’t use my nickname to post a comment. Thx in advance.

  2. Team CF

    Pretty decent score here sloth, especially for a month with a holiday in it!
    But was it really only the second holiday in 8 years? We did nothing fancy and already did two this year. Then again, you party harder the rest of the year πŸ˜‰

    • finan112_wp

      October is going to be bad!
      And yep, my second holiday in 8 years. We stopped going on holiday the year before we bought our house and then once we bought it all excess cash went into renovations. Girlfriend has been going to Porto each year for a music festival. But a sloth just doesn’t like leaving it’s tree …

      • Sophei @ Basic Finance Care

        I can understand finan112_wp that, when you are investing a huge amount of money in your dream project, i.e. a house, that time going for a holiday is not matter more.

        • finan112_wp

          Well there is that. And the fact I do not really like going on a holiday. I mean, being on a holiday is ok but the getting there and getting back part is pretty unpleasant.

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