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Monthly expense report: February

A short month which unfortunately didn’t translate in low expenses.

Income: 2 180 euro

Expenses: 1 671,60 euro

Savings: 508,40 euro

No more gifts this month so back down to the normal income of the job. As predicted last month I now ‘earn’ about 50 euro more per month thanks to the tax reform that took effect.

Expenses were 1 670 euro or 170 euro above the goal of 1 500 euro. But as also mentionned last month one of my hard drives failed in my Synology NAS. Replacement cost was 200 euro. Without this I would have reached the 1 500 euro goal.

Another goal was spending less money on unhealthy sandwiches at work. This month was a low for me at only 53 euro! This was due to february being a short month, me taking some holidays and eating the seaweed bread I mentionned last month. I did need to buy more seaweed but for 85 euro I think I got enough to cover the whole year.

I also became the godfather to a friends baby. So a 100 euro gift there. This will probably become a recurring item as, finance wise, I have big plans for the little rascal.

I did have a 50 euro pure ‘fun’ expense and we also had carnaval in my home town. It’s free to go, we have a chest full of outfits from previous years  and since we usually buy in bulk we didn’t even have to buy any beer for it this year!

All in all I could see myself coming pretty close to the 1 500 euro goal this year with only two exceptions. First is: going on holiday. What we are planning would cost less than the holiday money I will receive but it would still push my budget above 1 500 euro. Second: a new PC. Knowing me, that would cost more than the holiday and kill any change I have got in coming close to my goal. Not sure what I will do there. For the moment I just keep using the old PC which is getting slower by the month (also hoping for a price drop in graphic cards, damn you crypto mining fools!).

In the joint account we did keep our self imposed limit of only going to the fries shop once a month (yeah for ourselfs!) and groceries were just under 300 euro (mainly due to February being a short month). Everything else was pretty standard.

So from an income and expense view February was a pretty good month. Investment wise, not so much ….


  1. ambertreeleaves

    Looks like the god child is about to learn on investing on leverage… Never too young to learn that.

    • financialfreedomsloth

      A bit early at the moment but the goal is indeed to get him a nice portfolio by the time he is 21. Probably go the dividend growth route for him as it is a good way to learn the fundamentals of investing.

  2. Team CF

    Oh gosh, that old guy that tries to “drink” the breathalyzer! Priceless.
    Great month though, well done Sloth.

  3. Carl @ MoneyMow

    Great job saving this month – unexpected expenses come once in a while, so I’m sure you’ll hit the expense target next month… oh, and congrats on becoming a godfather (I love that title!).

  4. Claudia

    I don’t care anymore about your report, I am completely amused about your movie 😀

    P.S. I cook 80-90% of my lunch boxes. It is not a lot of money saved (ingredients are paid), but it is healthier (ok, I eat a lot of vegetables and salads are expensive … think that the health is an expense so no one get cold in my house for years – this is a good damn saving.

    • finan112_wp

      it is healthier and even a 1 euro savingsevery working day amounts to 220 euro a year!

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