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Monthly expense report: September

Finally a good month, saving wise! This good luck will however be short lived as the Vespa is in the shop again! But that are worries for later. Here are the numbers for September:

Income: 2 258,43 euro

Expenses: 1 601,20 euro

Savings: Β 657,23 euro

Income again a bit higher because I got another birthday present in September. But also because I sold some festival tickets I previously bought but ended up not being able to attend. Made a 10 euro profit on a 30 euro investment in 3 months time. In absolute numbers this is very small but return on investment wise this was a great return. This got us thinking so the girlfriend (because she is the big ‘going to parties’ person in our relationship) decided to run a little experiment and see if you can actually make some decent profits by buying tickets in the first – cheap – wave and selling them when it hits the second (or third) more expensive wave. More on this when the experiment is finished in December/ January.


Those are reasonable for the month. With no Vespa expenses 1 600 euro is actually pretty high for me. But there is a lot of fun in those 1 600 euro expenses.

  • There was a private party with some friends at the beginning of the month
  • We went to The world of Tim Burton and ate an unbelievable delicious pizza afterwards. The World of Tim Burton was pretty cheap because you got a free ticket if you bought the weekend edition of De standaard. We finished that evening by rewatching Beetlejuice. You gotta love the old classics!
  • There was a 50th birthday gift for a friend (talk about an old classic;-) of ours.
  • I went to the theaterΒ and ate another pizza. Pizzahut this time, sometimes I like my pizza’s greasy and unhealthy. For those of you wondering about my diet, sue me modderfokker!
  • And the last weekend, the girlfriend and I went to another restaurant (the diet is fine, honesty!!)Β and out clubbing.

What can I say? We work hard, we play hard πŸ˜‰

Without that last weekend extravaganza I would have actually stayed in my 1 500 euro budget. But this retro techno phase isn’t going to last. So we will enjoy this opportunity to listen to the old school classics the way they were intended: in a busy nightclub full with sweaty, half naked people (mental note: I really need to focus on the diet again).



As a little bonus for your viewing pleasure, a documentary I really enjoyed:

Thrive With Less from Thrive With Less on Vimeo.


  1. thirtysixsixhundred

    Just found your blog on the Rockstar directory β€” great name!

    Lots to be made on the secondary markets for tickets, will be curious to see how that experiment goes. I always wonder if I should sell my tickets instead of going to shows when I see their value shoot up!

    • finan112_wp

      We’ll go into detail later when the experiment is done but in Belgium you can not sell above the official price of the venue. (Actually you can not sell in an organised matter period so even the experiment isn’t 100% according to the law). But several venues work with 2 or 3 waves with different price. So buying in wave 1 and selling at wave 3 prices still gives you a nice profit without going over the official price.

  2. Claudia

    30% of savings is a great month!!

    • finan112_wp

      It is, I am pretty happy with it!

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