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Monthly expense report: October

October was a pretty average month with one exception. Read below to find out.

Income: 2 320 euro

Expenses: 1 822 euro

Savings: 497,80 euro or 21,46%


This was pretty simple this month: only my wages from working.


Once again I spend ot much on food at work. November was better in this regard so I am hoping this was the last really bad month I had food wise.

We also wend to a decent restaurant with me picking up the check for the girlfriend. This is a food expense I do not regret as the food there was excellent and the friends accompagnying us there will soon be leaving for Portugal. As of next year we will have friends living in Protugal, Japan, Thailand, Dubai and Israel. So we are not lacking travel options for the future. We will off course be travelling to Menorca next year . Menorca, where we know nobody …

The last main expense which I do kind of mind is the one that pushed me over my budget for the month. The Vespa needed maintenance again. This came in at 470 euro. The simple fact is i am driving using it for about 11,000 km a year which means stuff will need replacing every year to keep it purring happily. This time it was the drive belt, next time probably a tire. I kind of blame myself. The plan for October last year was to have a fast electrical bicycle so I could cut my use of the Vespa in half. This would also double the time inbetween big maintenance jobs, effectively cutting that maintenance cost in half as well. Did I do this? No I did not! Why you might ask? Probably because I am a lazy sloth.


  1. DD

    Maybe you could ask a friend to teach you how to work on your vespa? I recently changed my brake discs and pads on my car for 1/3 of the price.
    Good to see you writing again!

    • financialfreedomsloth

      I am glad to be writing again. Almost forgot I actually enjoy it!!
      Well doing the maintenance myself would start with getting a back-up transportation = a faster electric bicycle.
      But once I have the faster electric bicycle I would be better off using that one more often as I allready know how to do bicycle maintenance which would also lower my maintenance bill for the vespa since I would be using it less, which would in itself actually achieve the goal of lowering my maintenance bill for the Vespa…
      In short, I need to get my fat ass out of the sofa, get the faster e-bike sorted out and then get that fat ass on a bicycle more!

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