I remained virus free for the last month! It is good to have my health back in full! Two years into this pandemic and I also remain Covid free. Since all reports indicate this Omicron variant is really, really mild it might be time for me to go kiss some strangers and update my immune system with the blueprint for this virus 😉

What did disrupt my new good habits were the holiday. Eating to much during the holidays did result in bad old habits making their comeback. I should have just continued with my normal routine instead of thnking that ‘a few days won’t make a big difference’. The new habits are off course less than 1 year old, and I have about 30 years of bad eating habits ingrained. A bumpy ride is to be expected. A course correction is needed! I clocked in at 111,3 kilo and while a 1 kg gain might not seem all that bad it needs to stop now before it gets worse. This is more a mental than a physical challenge.

Actualy, the physical might be a solution for the mental. Exercises are definitely my saving grace. Eating too much is making the exercises harder. But the exercises are also a daily reminder that if I let go of my eating discipline I will eventualy also let go of my exercise discipline. And I don’t want that! So I stepped up my exercises a bit so that I force myself to be more disciplined in my eating as well.

It might never be the time to be a slacker for your health. But present time definitely isn’t the time for it!


No sickness or holiday so I didn’t miss one session! And after a few weeks of remaining on a plateau this last week I also added a decent amount of weight to my routines.

With 26 832 kg lifted weight I ended just shy off the 27 000 kg mark. And where I was pretty happy with cracking the 25K barrier last month I have now set my sights on the 30K barrier. But steady progress remains the name of the game! So no rush and no particular date when I need to reach this goal.

Total weight lifted is now well over the one million kilo and with the current regime I will easily surpass the 2 million mark sometime this year.

Greasing the groove

Here I cracked the 50 reps 8 times a day for crunches! This was one of my goals I hoped to reach eventually and I did it. These goals are somewhat based on what I remember doing when I was 18 years old and in my best shape ever. I never found my old exercise schedules but do remember doing 3 times a 100 sit ups a day. I consider 8 times 50 as a good equivallent. So crunches wise I am at 47 years old in better shape than I was at 18!

Another -general- goal I have is 8 times 25 push-ups to mirror the 2 times 50 push ups I did daily in my youth. But I first need to lose more weight before I can start on that one. And the last one I have is to bench pressing 95 kg while weighing 95 kg. If I can reach those two also I will consider myself to be in the best shape I have ever been. I am confident I will eventually reach those as well.

Kettlebell swings remained at 25 reps with 10 kg. After buying the wrong kettlebells on-line I decided to go to a shop to buy the kettlebells of 20 kg I needed. Well, I wasted 1 hour of my life driving to and back from the shop only to discover that the max weight the shop had was 16 kg. I gave that one a couple of swings in the store and nope, I definitely need a 20 kg one. Back to the web but this time being really carefull to look at the dimensions of the kettlebell I am going to buy.


Cardio still isn’t good. I have to be honest here, I completely lost the habit. It dropped to like 1 session of 10 minutes a week. Same story here as my eating, I need to regain my discipline.

Looking from a distance you might say I already do a lot even without the cardio. especially the greasing the groove bit is a bit insane with a total of 2400 crunches and 1200 kettlebell swings a week. But as I said in the begining, this is not the time to be a slacker in the health department. I need to get that cardio back up!