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Monthly expense report: September

With a festival visit, a holiday and the start up costs for a new ‘hobby’ September was an expensive month. But some luck on the income front still got me a very nice savings rate.

Income: 3 091,47 euro

Expenses: 1 948,09 euro

Savings: 1 143,38 euro or 36,98%

Another month with an above 35% savings rate. Read below the ‘luck’ I had on the income front


ncome was my standard wage of 2 217,47 euro. I took a three week holiday in September and I have to admit, even though holiday money is an incredible complex arrangement in Belgium that in my opinion is in desperate need of simplification, it is a nice feeling to barely work during a month and still get your normal pay in your bank account!

I was already pretty happy that my expenses would stay below my normal income of 2 217,47 euro for September. But my mom is somewhat of a clean up mode in her house. This clean up also entails selling of stuff. And apparently the selling of stuff then implies I get the proceeds of this stuff (my mothers logic being I would have inherited the stuff upon her dead). So in September muy mother gave me an enveloppe with 874 euro cash. My parents are well aware of my investments and thus know I do not need the money. But they are perfectely happy with their life as it is and do not need it either. I just view it as a reduction of future inheritance taxes.


With the execption of February when I bought the rowing machine September has been my most expensive month. Below is an overview of where I spend my money on.

1 100 euro was transferred to our joint account for mortgage, utilities, grocery shopping …

September was the start of me getting serious about my eating. So I had 2 visits with my dietician of 50 euro, blood work cost me 8 euro and the Dexa scan I reffered to in my health report was also 50 euro. So that is a total of 158 euro spend on my health. Future visits to the dietician will only be 25 euro so this cost will be lower in the future. Dieticians aren’t that expensive for the time and work they put into it. And I should be getting money back from my health insurance.

Me getting serious with my food did however not prevent me spending an extra 29 euro on food. Most of it wasn’t that ‘bad’ food. But it does prove I need to put more effort in meal prepping.

My bank now also charges me 1,33 euro a month for the privilige of having an account where I have to do everything online but as long as our mortgage is there I am unfortunately stuck at that bank.

My cell phone subscription was 10,86 euro this month and I did have to fill up the tank of my Vespa: 9,50 euro. Rising fuel prices do have a limited impact if your tank can only hold 5 liters.

In the fun category was our attendance at a festival in the Netherlands which cost me 70 euro in total.

And our stay at Ieper cost me 255 euro. Ieper is a nice and charming little town. It is was also a good reminder how all of our lives have improved beyond any imagination compared to how it was a hundred years ago.

At the end of my three week holiday I also took the train (17,20 euro) to Ghent to see some friends (10,40 euro spend at a bar).

During my holiday I als ordered a raspberry pie 4 and a 1 Terabite SSD card. Although I consider myself a tech guy I have never been a cryptocoin person (to this day I am still not a big fan of digital money, I prefer my money to be unprogrammable). But for some strange reason I am interested in the lightening Network

This layer on top of bitcoin makes cheap and fast transactions possible. And more important: all you need is a raspberry pie and decent SSD storage to run your own lightning node. Which then allows you to manage your own channels on the lightning network. In a way it is like the Swift network for international payments but ran by a couple of weird guys who put a raspberry pie in their cupboard. Add to this that managing these channels and the necessary liquidity on your channel is part math part art and well, I am very interested. It is in theory possible to actualy make some money by providing this service but I am just in it for the weirdness of it all and consider it a hobby.

In Octobre I will purchase some additional satoschi’s as to have the necessary funding to set up my very first channel since the necessary hardware did cost me 259 euro. But there is a lot of fun stuff you can do with a raspberry pie so the hardware will be put to use in one way or another.

Monthly expense report: August

I didn’t spend a lot in August mostly because I have a three week holiday in September which had me planning a lot of stuff for that month just because I have more time to do them then. So I finished August well under budget.

Income: 2 371,22 euro

Expenses: 1 357,43 euro

Savings: 1 013,79 euro or 42,75%

I consider every month with a savings rate higehr than 35% as a good month. Due to all the planning I did for September I will certainly go over budget next month.


Income was my standard wage + some birthday money, The big 5 is starting to become visible on the horizon. I am not all that bothered by it. All the exercising of the last year has put me in the best shape of my life, muscle wise. If the coming year I am succesfull in losing the excess fat I will be at my physical best ever. More on this in my next health report.


As usual 1 100 euro went to our joint account.

Ice cream and sandwiches at work cost me 26,5 euro.

Because I am not eating the right things for all the exercises I am doing my body feels tired all the time. This is something I hope to fix with my dietician but in the mean time I spend 45 euro for creatine powder and proteine bars. The creatine seems to help a little bit.

I am also a fan of the NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteïne) supplement but this is a lot cheaper in powder form than in pill form. So I just fill my own capsules. Sometimes you run out of capsules. And being a frugal little sloth I buy my capsules also in bulk to minimise my shipping costs. 2 000 capsules cost me 29 euro and should last me serveral years again. But sometimes being cheap does make you look like a small time drug dealer …

On a somewhat related note. August saw me spending 65 euro on going out and partying. Lots of fun was had on several occasions. Zero capsules were taken to have this fun! At least by me or the girlfriend. But I am not putting any money on some of the other guests …

My mobile subscription only cost me 0,60 euro this month as Mobile Viking lets you earn points when you buy stuff online and although we do not buy that much most of what we do buy is online.

I have been going to the office a bit more so the Vespa needed filling up: 10 euro.

Gifts for some co-workers and friends we visited in August cost me 80 euro.

And to round it off, my bank is charging me 1,33 euro per month in costs now for an online only account. Unfortunately our mortgage is held at the same bank so I can not leave them for the moment. But the year our morthgage is done I am switching everything to another bank.

Monthly expense report: July

Bummer, an unexpected expense in July pushed me slightely over my self imposed 1 500 euro budget. The savings rate is still great thanks to tax avoidance shenanigans at work but I am a little bummed that I broke my 5 month streak of remaining below budget.

Income: 2 657,21 euro

Expenses: 1 565,20 euro

savings: 1 092,01 euro or 41,10%


My income was my standard wage + part of a bonus for a total of 2 657,21 euro. The way our bonus is being payed out at my job has changed to reduce the level of taxation on said bonus (aka tax avoidance shenanigans). I am guessing I got a part of my end of year bonus now. Guessing because this year we are in this sort of weird, hybrid situation which makes things complex. After paying little to no attention to the several Teams meetings about the changes I figured out that if I send mail A, registered on portal B and choose option Z I would get some money now, have to pay less taxes later and the company got a ruling that it is al legal and such! So that was what I did and a few days later money appeared in my account: succes!


1 100 euro was transferred to our joint account to pay for the roof over my head, utilities and groceries.

On top of those groceries I also bought some icecream, sandwiches and a pizza, because I have no will power if it comes to food, for a total of 46 euro

We also went to a restaurant with some friends where I spend 70 euro

A gift for my mother was 25 euro. I am glad to spend more here but the woman never wants anything. Then again, I am not one to speak as I never want anything for my birthday either.

A local small festival was cancelled due to covid restrictions. But the organisation also organises a small summer bar in the woods. So that summer bar got an extra edition, the headliner DJ of the festival got some GPS coordinates and told to make sure to not be followed and fun was had by all! Entrance was free but I did spend 5 euro on drinks.

And the suprise expense? That was once more the Vespa!. I have only driven it for around 2 000 km over the last year and somehow something broke! Goddamn! I was on the road to a record low expense month and the Vespa repair bill of 319,20 euro pushed me over budget!

I also realized that nowhere in July I have a phone expense so I probably have spend 12 euro more than this but I am too lazy to log into my bank account (no, I do not have a banking app on my phone because paying stuff shouldn’t be easy) check and correct the above post. Over the years I have learned to not sweat the small stuff (or come up with better sounding excuses for my lazyness).

Monthly expense report: June

May and June are historically high savings months as those are the months my company pays our profit bonus and holiday money. May saw me reaching a 64,35% savings rate. Could I improve this already high rate in June? Below are the numbers:

Income: 3 660,60 euro

Expenses: 1 372,70 euro

Savings: 2 287,90 euro or 62,50%

Nope, I didn’t quit reach it. But I’ll take a 62,5% savings rate any month of the year.

Total expenses for the first half of the year are 8 705,20 euro or an average of 1 450,90 euro a month. Very nice within my self imposed budget of 1 500 euro a month. And this even includes the purchase of a 800 euro rowing machine. without the rowing machine I actually have spend closer to 1 320 euro a month!


Income was my standard pay + my holiday money for a total of 3 660,60 euro.


Once more I transferred 1 100 euro to our joint account for my part of the mortgage, utilisties, groceries, …

Since international travel is still restricted we decided to visit Brughes so we could enjoy this beautiful city without the hordes of tourists. Restaurants and pubs were allready open so we got the full Brughes experience. Travel, food and drinks did set me back 110 euros. But we did have a fun day playing tourist in our own country.

Mobile phone cost dropped back to my fixed 12 euro subscription amount. I found a very easy and cheap (as in 0 euro) solutions for not having the Wifi reach into our utility room. I just leave my phone in the part of the house where there is still a Wifi signal and then connect it to our wireless bluetooth speaker. And that does reach into the utility room.

The mobile app I use for keeping track of my weights work outs has an anual fee which needed to be renewed this month. It costs 34 euro. I could do without it by this point but I do like the tracking it provides. It’s this app that supplies the overview graphs I show in the fitness part of my health report.

After motherday last month, this month had fathers day so I spend 42,20 euro on a gift for him.

I also needed to refill my Vespa so that cost me 9 euro. Belgium is lifting the working from home obligation. July and August will see me going to the office about once a week so this cost will start to appear more often now.

I also spend 39,5 euro on ice cream (when working from home, damn that icecream truck passing right by my window!) and sandwiches (when working from home). Not good for my spending but, even worse, not good for my weight!

Monthly expense report: May

Belgium is slowly opening up but until now this did not have an impact on my spending. The low spending in combination with my annual work bonus being paid out resulted in a record breaking savings rate!

Income: 3 988,38 euro

Expenses: 1 422 euro

Savings: 2 566,38 euro or 64,35%


Income was my standard pay check of 2 176 euro + my annual bonus of 1 811,88 euro. The bonus is an annual performance bonus. It could be a full extra month but we didn’t reach all goals for the full 100%. All in all my work had a very good year and this year we are even smashing last years numbers! For the time being my job is pretty secure.


As usual I transferred 1 100 euro to our jount account for my part of the mortgage, utilities, groceries and such …

My mobile phone subscription was 22 euro as I surpassed my data plan this month. Our wifi doesn’t reach into our utility room where I am doing my rowing. And some decent techno does help with the rowing. Still, I need to be honest here: I could have just made my own playlist and downloaded it on the phone and thus not need a data connexion. I have just been to lazy to do it. Lazy spinning up this Techno channel on Youtube is just easier but does chew up your data …

May is mothersday so I bought a gift for mom: 34 euro. Mom is a difficult woman to buy gifts for as she never need/want anything. Then again, I never need/want anything either ..

I spend 16 euro on extra food but this was completely in line with my regime: spare ribs for the win!

Back in Januari I bought extra weights and proudly said I wouldn’t need any extra weights for the rest of the year. Unfortunately I made an error then and only ordered one 10kg platter. I should have ordered two. As a result I was now coming close to running out of weights. Ordering just one 10 kg platter felt a bit stupid, especially with the delivery costs. Since I had barely spend anything in May I decided to order all weights I could potentially need for the next two years. 250 euro spend on weight platters, including not one but three 10 kg platters and two 5 kg platters! These are really going to be the last weights I buy. I will just add extra repetitions to my exercises when these weights eventually will not be enough anymore. Main reason being that I am running out of space to store these weights.

Monthly expense report: April

Belgium was still pretty much locked down so April was another month of low spending for me. In the first 4 months of 2021 I have spend a total of 5 910,50 euro which means that on average I have stayed within my 1 500 euro monthly budget. And that includes the purchase of a 800 euro rowing machine! I think it is the first time ever that I was still within budget 4 months into the year!

Let’s take a look at the numbers of this month.

Income: 2 277,55 euro

Expenses: 1 428,50 euro

Savings: 849,05 euro or 37,28%


Income was my pay slip from work plus a 100 euro gift from the parents because of easter.


Expenses are going slightly higher but this was in part by design. With the country slowly opening up I used this month to buy some more essentials as I am hoping to finally be able to spend some money on going out and seeing people in May.

First are the fixed expenses I need to pay each month.

This includes the 1 100 euro I transferred to our joint account for my part of the mortgage,utilities, groceries and such ,,,

My mobile phone subscription of 12 euro (no reduction this month).

A medical bill of 10 euro. Back in February I hurt my richt ankle (again) and just to be on the safe side I had photo’s taken form than foot (it was just sprained). The bill for this came in April.

Then there are a few moments of weakness.

Steam once more seduced me into buyning another game, No man’s sky set me back 54 euro.

I also spend 50 euro on extra food. Most of it was in line with my regime, but not all of it.

And then there was the stuff I decided to buy in April since I was going to end the month below budget anyway.

95 euro went to a new keyboard and mouse as working from home has taken a toll on my home equipment. Fancy new led lights, mmmhh! I actually only needed a mouse and I could have gotten one from work for a few months but I want decent stuff to work with and even pre-Covid I was thinking about buying me better gear for the work place. Now that I work from home there is nothing stopping me setting up my workplace the way I want.

I could have used the Vespa a little bit less and pushed the refill to May but we had a few very nice weather days in April and I enjoy riding my Vespa more than I do using the car so I filled it up in April: 10 euro

With all the exercise I am doing I needed some extra sport outfits. I have been rocking the same short for the last year and it was porbably 10 years old to begin with. I also needed some new underwear. And I define ‘needing new cloth’ not because ‘the colors are a bit faded’ of ‘it went out of style’ but more by the number of holes and how big they are. Trust me when I say I needed them.

All of this on the below photo set me back 97,50 euro.

I may have gone a bit over with the shorts. If my current use of 1 short per decade is any indication this may very well be the last shorts I will buy during my lifetime.

Monthly expense report: March

A focus on my health and another lockdown(which our government is calling a ‘easter break’) really helped keeping the spending in check.

Income: 2 177,55 euro

Expenses: 1 280,60 euro

Savings: 899,40 euro or 41,26%


No gift from the parents so just my normal income from work which stood at 2 177,55 euro


At 1 280,60 euro expenses were pretty low in March. They would have been ever lower ha dit not been for some obligated things.

First of is off course the 1 100 euro that went to our joint account for my part of the mortgage, utilities, groceries and such ..

But my health insurance was also due this month. It cost me a grand total of 74,40 euro.

I also received my annual cost for the use of my Visa card: 22 euro. I know I could get a free card via Keytrade or Argenta but for the moment we are stuck at the big bank due to our mortgage and I am too lazy to get another bank account just to avoid this cost. I have been looking into prepaid credit cards. But I can only find mastercards with no anual fee. Since my girlfriend has a mastercard I prefer to have a Visa card. Coverage isn’t exactely the same for both and it has been to our advantage in the past to have access to both networks.

Mobile phone was only 1,20 euro as we had accumulated enough points to get a reduction.

New sport shoes to use on the rowing machine cost me 50 euro.

I needed a new cable for my headphone which set me back 10 euro. Also in the entertainment section: a game on steam for 5 euro.

Townscaper lets you create very cosy little villages. It’s very relaxing!

Nothing for the Vespa as working from home has me almost not using it. I will need to fill up in April.

Rounding up the March expenses was 18 euro‘s spend on extra food. A better focus on my health kept the extra food expenses really low in March. Here’s hoping for a repeat in April!

Total expenses for the first three months now stand at 4 482 euro which means that on average I have stayed below my self imposed budget of 1 500 euro a month!

Average savings rate even hovers above 37%. Previous years this was more around 30%. this was off vourse for a full year so I will see if I can keep it above 30% for the rest of the year. My guess is savings will drop substantially once stuff starts opening up again.

Monthly expense report : Februari

Februari was a cheap and expensive month all rolled into one. Cheap because I hardly bought anything at all. Expensive because I did spend a lot of money. How is the possible? Full explication is below, but first the numbers:

Income: 2 677,55 euro

Expenses: 1 962,20 euro

Savings: 715,35 euro or 26,72%


With almost 2 000 euro in expenses my savings rate for March was saved by the income side.

2 177,55 euro of income was from work and an extra 500 euro was a gift from the parents. When they heard I was planning on buying an extra piece of exercise equipment they offered to pay a big chunk of it. Read the expenses to find out what exactely I bought.


Once again I transferred 1 100 euro to our joint account (mortgage, utilities, joint grocery shopping …)

Extra food was 46 euro. Helped by a short month and working from home I didn’t eat that much extra! Actualy lost a little bit of weight and no that was not due to the exercise equipment I bought!

Mobile phone was 5 euro this month.

Gasoline for the Vespa was 8,20 euro. Working from home means I hardly use the Vespa. I could not use it all but leaving it stationary for months on end wouldn’t be very good. And I enjoy riding it, even if it still cold out. So I use it short trips to somes shops (extra advantage: no parking issues). Which does mean that on occasion I do need to fill up the gas tank. Februari was one of those occasions. I am curious if I will make it to April before needing another refill.

Exercise equipment: 799 euro. With the extra weights purchased last month and also Octobre last month I am set for my home gym except one important aspect: cardio.

I already had a full exercise weight bench from my youth. So I only needed some extra weights.

The exercise bench that kept me in shape when I was young

But for cardio I had nothing and with weights only I am not really losing weight. Yes, I do know you can lose fat with weights only but your power training regime needs to be a lot heavier than what I am doing. I have zero ambitions to go this route. So some kind of cardio was necessary.

I will delve into the exact reasons why I chose rowing in my health report (which I pinky swear I will publish in March, well perhaps April…). But for 799 euro I bought the Cobra XRT plus 2 from Hammer.

No worries, it folds so is not blocking our washing machine andryer aal the time!

The Cobra XRT plus 2 is a midrage row trainer that should give me years of exercise torture! With an annual subcription for our local swimming pool at 250 euro 4 years of use should let me earn this money back! But if it improves my weight I am ok with it costing me money!

I didn’t use the rowing machine in Februari, because it arrived late on a Saturday, I spend 2 hours on Sunday assembling it in or pretty cold utility room and then on Sunday evening I hurt my ankle pretty badly! Which explains the 4 euro final expense of Februari to go visit my doctor! Nothing broken but those ligaments were pretty fubar! So it was only 3 March before I used the rowing machine for the first time. But I will delve into that torture in the upcoming health report …

Monthly expense report: Januari

The last day of Februari seems to me as the perfect day for a recap of the month Januari. Because .. if you know you’re lazay, clap your hands, … If you know you’re lazy clap you hands ..

Income : 2 222 euro

expenses: 1 239,20 euro

Savings : 982,80 euro 44,23%


Income was plain old boring work income plus a 50 euro end of year gift from the parents. The parents actualy gave me a bit more money at the end of year. But since most of it was destined for the purchase of a rowing machine. And since I bought that in February it made a bit more sence to als book the gift in Februari. All it does is moothing out the numbers a bit.


As every month, 1 100 euro went into our joint account to pay the mortgage, utilities and our joint grocery shopping.

Extra food was 61 euro. Once more, pizzahut is to blame!

I also spend 78 euro on extra weights for my fitness equipment. I still haven’t received the complete order as home fitness sales have apparently tripled over the last year and there is a huge backlog for everything. But once everything is delivered I should have enough weights for the rest of the year.

I don’t know about you guys, but I keep my weights on top off an old fridge ..

And that’s it. that’s all I bought in Januari. Lockdowns are cheap!

The bitcoins are worth 240 euro at the moment but I am planning on spending all my ill gotten gains in March. Darknet here I come!

Monthly expense report: December

With no more expenses for the side gig and my end of year work bonus being paid, December should be a great month for savings. Let’s have a look.

Income: 3 729,15 euro

Expenses: 1 505,90 euro

Savings : 2 223,25 euro or 59,62%


Woohoo for the income!

Most of it, 3 679,15 euro was work income. My regular mothly wages + the end of month bonus. The remaining 150 euro was from christmas gifts from the parents and my mother-in-law.


I may, or may not have come in under budget this month depending on how you look at one particular expense this month. Mor e on that at the end of this post.

As I do every month I transferred 1 100 euro to our joint account to pay the mortgage, utilities and our joint grocery shopping.

Extra food was 100 euro. Being home helps me not buying extra food to eat during lunch. Especially because I now do my fitness during lunch break which just dossn’t leave me with any time to speed of to the nearest shop and buy some chips. I spend 60 euro on these extra snacks and then another 40 euro on pizza for me and a co-worker as the co-worker is leaving the compagny and pizza together was a bit our thing … Since he is leaving I paid for his pizza too.

Gas for the Vespa was 0 euro this month as I only drove it one time to work (and one trip to the shop to get some extra chips …). Which reminds me I need to take it for a spin in January and pump up the tires.

Mobile phone subscription for a bizare reason was only 2,5 euro. I have no idea why it was not it’s regular 12 euro and I am too lazy to find out.

Miscelanious expenses are a shampoo for 17 euro and a game on steam for 12 euro.

And then we come to the gift’s section where accounting my expenses has a tricky part.

The non tricky part is the 10 euro I chipped in for the goodbye gift for the co-worker keaving. And 130 euro I spend for end of year gifts for the family.

The tricky – acconting wise – part is the 100 euro I spend on buying Bitcoins. This because for a certain gift I needed bitcoins to pay for it. So I spend 100 euro buying bitcoins on Coinbase. But Coinbase also gives you a sign up bonus and allows you to ear some alt coins by watching some instructional videos (alt coins I off course exchanged into bitcoin the moment I received them). And then there was the incredibale value rise of Bitcoins in the second half of December… Long story short is that I bought the gift (which was 45 euro) but my balance on Coinbase is now close to 200 euro …

So did I just buy a 45 euro gift? Because, then I stayed below my 1 500 euro budget this year… or did I invest a 100 euro, bought the gift with part of my profits and still have another 100 euro in profit I should book? Since it’s a low amount. And since I am still not a fan of this whole crypto craze and will probaby use up the remaining balance in the future for other gifts, I just decided to book the 100 euro as an expense in the ‘random fun’ category.

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