I was a bit late with my last report so this one only covers two weeks. And in those two weeks I didn’t do a whole lot of exercises. So no overview of what I did or not did on the fitness, greasing the groove or cardio front. The low exercises was by design as I was (and still am) in holiday and my body could use a break. Since Friday the 10th September we went to a festival and 13th till 16th September we visited Ieper (more on this in my monthly expense report) I originally planned to take one week of. But that Monday the 13th I kinda fell sick so I didn’t restart exercising that Friday as intented, but only last Monday. So not a whole lot to tell on the exercise front except that I gave my body some well earned rest.

But I do have a lot of other stuff to talk about.

First of, I did manage to do my measurements once again (yes, the broken scale has been replaced).

24-10-2017114 kg43 cm124 cm124 cm39 cm
15-5-2018104 kg42 cm115 cm114,5 cm38 cm
17-6-2018104 kg42 cm118 cm115 cm38 cm
15-7-2018101 kg41 cm118 cm115 cm38 cm
15-8-201899 kg41 cm118 cm113 cm38 cm
15-9-2018101 kg41 cm118 cm114 cm38 cm
15-10-201898 kg41 cm118 cm113 cm38 cm
02-02-2020115 kg43 cm124 cm 126 cm40 cm
16-06-2021117 kg45 cm126 cm125 cm41,5 cm
22-09-2021114,4 kg44 cm126 cm125 cm40 cm

Back down to around 115 kg, yes! But as you can see, especiale the cm measurements are somewhat correct and might indicate a certain evolution but they aren’t all that precise! I have been guessing that thanks to the last 15 months of exercises I added muscles but I have no way of knowing if this is correct. Since I am now going to make a serious attempt to really loose weight I wanted to get a correct and detailled measurement of my body. Enter the Dexa scan. So get ready to see the Sloth in all his naked glory:

behold: Skeletor Sloth!

As seen above, the Dexa scan also give you information on your bones, more importantely on your Bone mass density. Which in my case is still good. But truth be told I would rather have the dot above that line then just below.

But it is always good to know and I am curious if better eating habits will also improve my bones.

But then onto the good stuff: muscles!

Top 25 baby!

And good it was! Age matched I scored 75. This means that out of 100 hundred men aged 47 only 24 have more muscle than me. Definitely not bad and it shows that my exercises of the last 15 months have had some effect. The first goal is now off course to crack that top 20 for my age group.

For those who have met me it will be no suprise that there was also bad news:

My fat mass clocked in at 40,6 kg or a 35,8% fat mass. Ouch!

This also puts me firmly in the Obesity class 2.

Honestely I expected this and the whole point of the Dexa scan to was a clear picture of my current body composition so that in the future I can compare and see if any progress has been made.

To make that progress I have also started to see a dietician. First visit was an intake talk to discuss my goals and the second visit (last saturday) was to get started on Phase I.

It might come as a suprise to many that my motiviation to go see a therapist was not so much to loose fat but actually to get more energy so I could continue to increase my exercises. I mean, the facts are facts and I need to loose 20 kg of fat at a minimum. But the thing is, I have always failed at loosing fat. But for the last 15 months I have been succesful in following my exercise regime! So my first goal is to add 5 kg of muscle and along the way hopefuly also loose 10 kg of fat. And if succesfull to do the same a second time and finally end up with an acceptable fat mass and a whole lot of muscle mass. The approach is called Body recomposition and is often the road less travelled. I also seem to have done it somewhat by accident over the last 15 months while eating like crap. So imagine what I can achieve when I get my eating right! I am pretty psyched about the future, I mean, Europe is slowly descending into a totalitarian dystopian nightmare but I am going to be fit as fuck!