This is going to be a very short report for the same raison I am a bit late writing this post.

And that reason is that I screwed up my back.

I have only myself to blame. I know I have a weak back (left side, L4 to L5 to be very precise about it). And my back was already acting up a couple of weeks. I should have taken action then by doing specific back exercises and perhaps even stopping my fitness exercises.

But I soldiered on.

On saturday 2 april I even trimmed our hedge which really made my back worse. This was followed by me spending Sunday 03 April sitting in the car or on bad chairs while visiting family and friends all over Flanders. The combination of those two days made a manageable back issue into an unmanageable one.

To put it bluntly: my back was fucked up.

Even the simple fact of getting up from the couch was very painful. So doctors have been visited, pain medication taken and a physiotherapist visited twice weekly.

But even now is sitting in an office chair painful.

Fitness exercises, greasing the groove or rowing all came to a dead stop that weekend. Mentally I am very, very worried that I will not resume my exercise regime even when my back is fixed. Because this has been the pattern in my past. I am reminding myself that I now have a whole new mindset about exercises.

I also decided to not let these rest weeks be a complete waste a redoubled my efforts on eating healthy. This was helped by a week of double painkillers. Tranadol combined with Diazepam really take away your hunger!

I had to remind myself to regulary drink my proteine shakes because muscle loss is definitely happening! I just hope I am also losing fat! At the moment I stand at 105,5 kg.

Thursday I am visiting my dietician and with her I hope to fine tune my food intake to limit the muscle loss but still get below the 105kg while I can not exercise. Once I am able again to do all my exercises I will hope to rebuild the muscle mass as quickly as possible.