I was born in 1974 in Belgium. Local cycling hero Eddy Merckx would win his fifth tour de france while I was busy learning to eat and poop.

Belgium is a weird little country in the middle of europe. It was not by coincidence we embraced surrealisme and in a way we never stopped.

I grew up on the countryside. My parents are both working class people who toughed me a lot of common sense and the value of money.  I never spend  a lot of money because I like reading, watching series or movies and being left alone (I appear to be an enneagram type 5  or INTJ according to Myers-Briggs). So being naturally frugal I started exploring the world of investing shortly after getting my first real job (what else was I supposed to do with the money I was making?). I was lucky to stumble upon value investing pretty early in my investing life. It has served me well.

Although I had already figured out what amount I needed to never have to work again, it was not until a friend gave me a link to Mr. Money moustache that I realized there where others out there persuing the same goal! A  lot of things finally clicked. It gave me back my focus and also made me realize that it is not only money you need for early retirement but also a good health and meaningful personal relations. Being fugal or investing comes naturally to be, being disciplined on my health and being social do not come easy. So expect a bit off psychological introspection in between the frugal/financial bits.

I was also born in the city of Aalst, which means that during 3 days of the year I will dress up, get drunk and celebrate with a few thousand other people from Aalst. For all non-belgian people who watched the clip in the link and find it all very strange: don’t worry, every one else in Belgium also finds this a bit strange and weird but we have been doing it since the 1500’s and see no reason to stop doing it. I mention it, because in a way it defines me every bit as much as INTJ does.

In short: I have a weird brain, spend my youth in a very boring city that goes completely bonkers during three days a year, in a strange and complicated country.

To top it off, I was 16 in the early 90’s which meant I grew up in the midst of the first techno wave. Strange days indeed, and that documentary, in a way, really captures the Belgian spirit. Well that and our fries, beers, chocolate and waffles.

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Image in the header is by Sergiodelgado, you can find it here. I cropped it (badly) for the header and it falls under CC by 2.0 license.