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Frugal purchase – washing machine

I will never buy a new washing machine.

The above washing machine was bought for 200 euro and was around 2 years old (and yes, our utility room still needs some work, planned for 2020 as we need to save up enough money first). New it was a 800 euro machine. Although this was a very good find, our previous washing machine also only cost 200 euro (although for an older model and cheaper brand). That one lasted only three years but moving it several times and the dust of the home renovations probably caused it’s early death. But even then, 200 euro for 3 years use means that a new machine at 600 euro should last 9 years. Every month after the 3 years mark on this machine will be a win in my book.
Washing machines are perfect to buy used. It’s a big and heavy appliance everybody has. Which means that when two people move in together they have a spare. And because it is big and bulky and connecting it is a chore, people do not want to keep one as a spare. Something they might do with a microwave or a water cooker. We got the last one so cheap because the guy selling it was moving the next week and he didn’t want to lug it to his girlfriend’s place (which was up one floor) just to have to carry it down again when a buyer showed up there. Win for us!
Same goes for dryers off course.


  1. Team CF

    Smart move, we ended up buying a refurbished one. Original cost was €1000, got it for €500 (plus €50 delivery). It is a great (massive!: 12kg load) and fancy washing machine. Great for us with the little one, 2-3 loads every 2 weeks and we are good to go!
    Have fun with the reno’s 😉

  2. ambertreeleaves

    Actually, when my wife (then my girlfriend) and I moved in, we still had 0. Call us lazy bastards…!

    I do get your point on buying second hand.

    • finan112_wp

      dirty bastards seems to be more correct …

  3. arakelian

    As you, for these acquisitions, I am following the offers or the second hand. The amount saved is raised to several hundred of euro just with one decision. More, before to move I sold the previous one and ask the buyer to come to take it to release me of the task and bought another one after, with delivery included and finnally with money saved.
    I am a business lady 😀 (my husband once asked me “what I want?? to take it for free?? ” and he has right, if is possible I would like it 😀 )

    • finan112_wp

      that is really cool, avoiding to have to move any washing machine at all and realizing great savings to boot!!

  4. Cee

    Don’t want to sound the party pooper here, but we (actually my wife before we moved in together) bought ours 9 years ago, new, for 600 euro. Still works fine (touching wood). So I rather believe you need luck with these things. We had less luck with microwave ovens…

    But I’m pretty sure there are engineered flaws in all sorts of appliances. Attempting FIRE or just liking a frugal life adds another reason (other than eco) to be infuriated about this. So even if you can be doubtful about initiatives like this, I(d say use your internal combustion when it happens to report it (for BE):

    • finan112_wp

      I am quit sure current one will work longer than the three years. But 9 years for 600 euro is something I would be very happy with. And i rather spend 3 x 200 euro then 1 x 600 euro.

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