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Frugal living with camelot

Housing cost is one of my biggest expenses. Every month I pay 470 euro into our mortgage. And this is actually quite reasonable for what we are getting in return.

Rent for most people is higher.

The tradition approach to lowering this cost is finding roommates so the fix costs can be split over more people. But in Belgium and Holland there is even a better way to do this.

Enter Camelot. Camelot is a company offering property protection by getting people to temporary live in the empty building. That building can be a house but also a factory or an empty office building (kitchen and bathroom are provided).

The downside is that you only get 1 weeks’ notice when you have to move. You also can’t do any changes to the building. So no real possibility to make it a home like you would be able to do with a long term rental. For people aiming for financial freedom this is off course more of a benefit than a downside as it eliminates any home improvement spending 😉

The set up often involves roommate. But since it sometimes involves really big buildings that roommate’s room can be quite a distance away from you room.

The upside is that your ‘rent’ is only 250 euro a month. And that this ‘temporary’ housing can sometimes be several years.

To be this is something perfect for a young person who is just starting to work and who wants to pile as much as possible into his stash right from the start. And who is also ok that he sometimes will need to move back in with his parents as there is no guarantee that the company will have an empty property available when it is time to move. The entire set up will not only keep your housing costs down but will force you to keep living as a student for a few extra years.


  1. Team CF

    We know of a guy (the gardener in our previous rental home, sounds fancier than it was!) that lived in villa this way for years. Paid about €150/month, that was it! For a student with little income and possessions, this really can be ideal. Also the digital nomad could benefit from something like this.

    • finan112_wp

      Definitely best for a young person studying or just finished studying. Since the early years of stash building are the most important this could really reduce the time necessary to work with a few years!

  2. Claudia

    why I didn’t know it when I first came in Belgium ,… it is useful for people coming and struggled by bureaucracy: documents for rent, bank account opened already, guaranty to rent (2 rents) + 1 rent in advance etc.
    Could be used by travellers ?

  3. Claudia

    P.S. you are paying only 470 euro /month for the house? super small… I pay x 2.5 of this value…. 😀 .

  4. ambertreeleaves

    I thought you get to live there for free… Bummer.
    What if i rent out our house one year and move into a castle… Instant FI becomes possible!

    • finan112_wp

      Now there is an idea: rent your own home out for 750 euro and go live minimalistic for 250 euro a month!

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