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Special circumstance investing – January update

The last of the big moves has been done Things are going to get boring from now on. Here’s hoping it’s a profitable boring.

What did I do

Well I didn’t do a lot this month since the new leveraged position is, well, new. I like to have a nice safety buffer before adding another leveraged postion by day trading. And at the moment the leveraged position is reporting a loss. No big deal as especially in the beginning smaal fluctuations in price can cause big movements in value. Time is at my side in this construction and thing generally smooth out after a month or three. Nothing left to do as wait.

Waiting can be good.The put option on Ahold Delhaize is gone! Expired out of the money so A) I didn’t have to do anything (my preffered activity) and B) I didn’t have to pay any fees! I was right, the market was wrong and I made 750 euro because of it.

Did I do anything at all, except lazily wait? Yep, I entered a new UVXY puts position. Ramping it up: bought 71 puts, strike 6 expiry January 2020 for 4,35 USD. That is around 31.000 USD I now have in it.

The girlfriends portfolio

Same situation for the girlfriend.

AD puts are gone and entered a new UVXY puts position: 59 puts for her.

The big move was in the parents portfolio where I finally also unwound there old leverage position and set up the new one on AB Inbev as well.

All three portfolio’s are now running similar position which is a lot easier to manage. Yes, my parents portfolio also had the AD puts expiry out of the money and entered a new UVXY puts position. 43 puts for them. In total I have now over 70.000 USD in UVXY puts. I am hoping to triple this in the next two years.

For the next few months my only investment activity will be to take profits on the UVXY puts and then enter a new postion and perhaps roll the AB Inbev puts I still have. So pretty good change I will do nothing at all in February. Does that make me a happy sloth? Yes it does, yes it does … Gives me time to hunt for some more classic trance songs …


  1. ambertreeleaves

    Just promise us one thing: post every month a song, even when you have no tarding activity.

    I must say that it is a brave move to go heavy like that in UVXY puts. I need to study it

    • finan112_wp

      I start getting a feeling for the UVXY puts. So ramping up the investment. And yes, I all of a sudden realised I had not posted any songs for some time.

  2. Team CF

    That is quite a big position you have taken, hope it works out!

    • finan112_wp

      And at a loss at the moment!! But have till 01/2020 for it to turn around

  3. When Do You Retire?

    Bold to go big in UVXY puts! Curious how it will turn out!

  4. Guesstimate

    A year later and I wonder how you UVXY puts are doing with so much market-turmoil?

    • finan112_wp

      Sold them long ago at a 50% loss

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