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Monthly expense report: August

I didn’t spend a lot in August mostly because I have a three week holiday in September which had me planning a lot of stuff for that month just because I have more time to do them then. So I finished August well under budget.

Income: 2 371,22 euro

Expenses: 1 357,43 euro

Savings: 1 013,79 euro or 42,75%

I consider every month with a savings rate higehr than 35% as a good month. Due to all the planning I did for September I will certainly go over budget next month.


Income was my standard wage + some birthday money, The big 5 is starting to become visible on the horizon. I am not all that bothered by it. All the exercising of the last year has put me in the best shape of my life, muscle wise. If the coming year I am succesfull in losing the excess fat I will be at my physical best ever. More on this in my next health report.


As usual 1 100 euro went to our joint account.

Ice cream and sandwiches at work cost me 26,5 euro.

Because I am not eating the right things for all the exercises I am doing my body feels tired all the time. This is something I hope to fix with my dietician but in the mean time I spend 45 euro for creatine powder and proteine bars. The creatine seems to help a little bit.

I am also a fan of the NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteïne) supplement but this is a lot cheaper in powder form than in pill form. So I just fill my own capsules. Sometimes you run out of capsules. And being a frugal little sloth I buy my capsules also in bulk to minimise my shipping costs. 2 000 capsules cost me 29 euro and should last me serveral years again. But sometimes being cheap does make you look like a small time drug dealer …

On a somewhat related note. August saw me spending 65 euro on going out and partying. Lots of fun was had on several occasions. Zero capsules were taken to have this fun! At least by me or the girlfriend. But I am not putting any money on some of the other guests …

My mobile subscription only cost me 0,60 euro this month as Mobile Viking lets you earn points when you buy stuff online and although we do not buy that much most of what we do buy is online.

I have been going to the office a bit more so the Vespa needed filling up: 10 euro.

Gifts for some co-workers and friends we visited in August cost me 80 euro.

And to round it off, my bank is charging me 1,33 euro per month in costs now for an online only account. Unfortunately our mortgage is held at the same bank so I can not leave them for the moment. But the year our morthgage is done I am switching everything to another bank.


  1. Claudia

    42% saving rate is a great saving rate! Can’t wait to see you are mentioning the milestone of 50%

    my question: from where do you buy that supplement?

    • finan112_wp

      Oops, I only saw your comment now. I buy most of my supplements at But this creatine one I bought at a shop in Leuven as I had just placed my big order at XXL (as to avoid shipping costs) and I didn’t want to wait another month or so to get my hands on creatine.

      The N-AC I have ordered at and I am also happy with their services. For a lot off supplements powder and filling your own caps is a lot cheaper than buying pre-made tablets.

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