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Monthly expense report: November

Income:  2 167 euro

Expenses:  1 583,50 euro

Savings:  583,50 euro

November was a pretty standard month form an income and expense point of view.

Income was only the job income. November 15 I was one year at the current company so an update is needed on that front but work has been so insanely busy the last weeks that I really didn’t feel like starting up the old desktop at home. It also explains the lack of posts over the last month. This sloth is tired in the evening.


Didn’t buy a new laser, still want to! I did buy some new graphic novels so the itch to buy something ‘fun’ is satisfied for the time being. The graphic novels came to 88 euro.

We also visited a friend in Brussels, The friend is a big Asia nut so we visited a -cheap- Japanese restaurant. I went to talk about an online side gig idea I have tumbling around in my head for some time now. Turns out the friend is even more skilled than I thought! I tried to nudge him into starting his own thing as he could do all the work himself and he does like to travel Asia for months on end. I wasn’t really successful as he has witnessed in his immediately family the high price that comes with building out a business empire. He is part too smart and part too lazy (there is a reason I get along with him!) to go down that rabbit hole …I would still over to convince him that there is a middle ground. Anyway, the visit did cost me 43 euro but was money well spend.

On a more practical front I also spend 72 for some new underwear and 21 euro on new swimshorts. Both things desperately needed. Well, desperately needed according to the misses, a sloth knows no shame …

On the’ bad’front: also spend some money on sandwiches at work. The diet is still not going that good. I actually even started skipping some of my swimming!! It merits its own post. But I am a stress eater and did I mention that work has been insanely busy? I am recognizing the signs from my time at the back office for the trading floor of the big bank. Luckily management is aware that there is a ‘support-situation’ at the moment. Management also knows that I have been putting the pedal to the metal for the last couple of months. So I have told them that this will only last until after new year. And to not take my current productivity as something to count on long term. I’ll see how it goes.

I do not envy them as some tough decisions will need to be made. I also need to bite the bullet and not only keep up the insane work volume at work but in my free time actually start working on one of those ‘fun-to me’ work projects that needs to be done but nobody at work has the time to do. For once in my life I want to be strategic about it and leverage my current strong position into something that has long term benefits for me. Fortune favors the well prepared…

On a totally unrelated note. Cheesy finance and geldnerd have a very different definition of a backyard. To parafrase an old australian saying: that’s not a backyard, this is a backyard …

Our backyard, and yes that is a pig on the right …


  1. geldnerd

    Ha, the Sloth is alive! Good to hear from you. And, by a great coincidence, Cheesy, AmberTreeLeaves and myself were discussing backyards yesterday. A garden is not a garden without a garden gnome….: ??

    • finan112_wp

      Not a coincidence, I read cheesy’s post! Love the garden gnome!

  2. Claudia

    Great month! 25% savings is a great month!
    And I can’t wait reading how you start your online side gig idea!!

    Off topic: Please share with us the great Japonese not expensive in Brussels. Not expensive + Brussels it is a complicated combination.

    • finan112_wp

      Hello Claudia, the restaurant was Takumi in the Vlaamsesteenweg. The on line side gig will need to wait until after I bought (and paid) for the new car we now need, sigh …

  3. fighttofire

    Hey Mr. sloth,

    Came across your blog through firehub and wanted to say hi especially since your about page hit home (“what else was I supposed to do with the money I was making?” -> so true) but even more important, you live in ‘Oilsjt’, so those two things basically mean you have a new follower.


    Mr. FightToFIRE

    • finan112_wp

      Welcome! And I used to live in Oilsjt, but off course, like the great salmon I still make the annual trek to visit my birthplace …

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