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Monthly expense report: December

Stuff broke in December. Actually a lot of stuff broke in December. Like our PC, our car, the zipper on my coat and part of my sanity … For the moment this has had little repercussions on my spending but the big ticket item
(a new car) is coming …

Income: 3 489,83 euro

Expenses: 1 551,50 euro

Savings: 1 938,33 euro of a whopping 55,5%


The much higher income is due to my job paying a Christmas bonus or 13th month as it is often referred to in Belgium.

In April/May we are also eligible for a bonus if we meet certain goals (we will) which will also be close to an extra month of wages. And since I have worked all off 2018 for this company I will have 30 holiday days that year. So in 2019 I will get paid close to 14 months of wages for 10,5 months of work. Ok, why the hell am I striving for early retirment again? O right, I am a lazy weirdo.,,


Expenses are 1 551,50 euro and I am particulary proud of this as they also entail 300 euro I personally chipped in to but the new computer. The rest of the purchase is paid from our joint account but I wanted a decent graphics card the gilfriend has absolutely no need for so I paid it myself. So minus this purchase I only spend 250 euro and 45 euro of those went to excellent videosoftware via a humble bundle (25 euro for Movie studio 15 is a steal! ) and a game I have been drooling over for a year but couldn’t play on the old computer. PC gaming wise I am set for the next year as i have some older games on Steam I haven’t played in the last year or two because the old computer was getting so slow …

All in all we end the year with good buffers in the checking and savings account. The car purchase will oblitarate those in the new year and the full year recap for 2018 will tell you how my stash was decimated during 2018. It’s a tale of overleverage and greed that left me battered and bruised at the side of the road but I will try to make it a fun read for you my loyal followers!


  1. Chris

    Tough month Sloth, and the car was almost antique…. We also made an extra reservation to replace the old car. Still running fine on 234k kilometers, but you never know how long.

    • finan112_wp

      Ours made it to 243 000 km but fixing it now would be too expensive

  2. Team CF

    Rough December indeed with all that stuff breaking. Fun fact, your december savings rate is the same as our yearly one 🙂

    • finan112_wp

      Then we need to start earning more because getting our expenses even lower isn’t really possible

  3. The Yolofied Monkey

    Always nice to see some extra cash coming in in December! What game have you bought? The link isn’t working. Hope 2019 will be better stashwise! Looking forward to some new posts. Good luck on your swimming sessions also. Sometimes skipping training is awesome, but training after a while gives you cheap morfines (endorfines), so rewarding!

    • finan112_wp

      I bought frostpunk, the perfect game to play during a cold winter evening, lol. And skipping a training session sometimes isn’t that bad but I was falling back to too many bad habits again

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