I missed a health report mid October. Not because I fell of the health wagon but I just did feel like doing an update. I will do one mid November which will show I am still very much rocking it exercise and weight wise πŸ˜‰

But first my financial health:

Income: 2 226,19 euro

Expenses: 1 556,33 euro

Savings: 669,86 euro or 30,09%

Savings rate droppen a bit but did remain just above 30% which isn’t bad in my book. Average spending over the last 10 months is 1 513 euro or just barely above my self imposed budget of 1 500 euro a month. I am going to do my best in November to drop below the 1 500 euro average,


Income was just my standard wag of 2 226,19 euro. The month was boring and predictable income wise,


In the fixed category I once more transferred 1 100 euro to our joint account for our mortgage, utilisties, grocery shopping, ..

My bank charged me 1,33 euro again and my mobile phone cost me 12 euro.

I had to fill my Vespa tank 2 times in October since we are now working two days from the office now (will probably change again in the future) which cost me 19,50 euro.

I also spend 32,50 euro on food. Once more not really bad food but I still haven’t gotten around to better food prepping which I definitely should do for the long term. I did get healthy cracker which should help with the prepping.

The left one one is OK-ish taste wise, the right one not so much ..

We also went to the pub with some friends visiting from Portugal before the QR code verification came to in effect in Belgium. I am drawing a hard line in not participating with the QR code society our government so clearly wants to impliment. The pub visit was 16 euro and will probably be the last one for several months. I have been organising my life over the last year in such a way that I have pretty much everything I need on my own property, The last piece will be turning our attic (once the roof has been replaced) into my own private cinema/techno club. Until then I will be rejoining illegal raves held in woods, abandoned factories and underground tunnels. Ah, too feel young again!

At work I had given a co-worker a somewhat funny t-shirt which resulted in my other co-workers also demanding a t-shirt. And then the girlfriend also wanting one.,, Sigh, 80 euro later I have now spend more money on clothes for other people than for myself!

Last month I bought the hardware necessary to run bitcoin core and a lightning node. But for proper channel management you also need channel liquidity, which means you need Bitcoins. So this month I spend an additional 270 euro on bitcoin. I am not a bitcoin investor and do not really care what the price of bitcoin does. But I do now that if we are going to keep the internet a free and open place we are going to need a censor proof, not controlled by government payment system and I am willing to do my part to make sure this will exist in the future. Plus, I need to do something with all the money I safe by not going out anymore .,,