I am back with another health report. The September report was a bit off because it only covered two week in which I didn’t exercise a lot due to holiday and being sick. I didn’t post in October but this doesn’t mean I stopped exercising or dieting. I was actualy pretty busy with both so get ready for some good progress!

In September my weight was 114,4 kg. After two months with the dietician I am at 110,9 kg. So things are going well on there. More importantly I feel more energetic and stronger which is good to keep up my exercises.


I didn’t miss any fitness day since half september. Not a single one. Progress is a bit slower because I am already pushing some nice weights and I also did a nice progress in the kettlebell part of my greasing the groove routine, but more on that later on.

The below weight lifted chart shows the gap after the week of the fifht of September which was me going on a short holiday and being ill for a couple of extra days. And then it show me starting my fitness again and once more making slow but steady progress

Over the last two months I went from 22 217 kg lifted to 24 740 kg lifted! It’s why I don’t care all that much about the slower progress I am making here. Lifting 25 000 kg a week is decent enough. Remember, I started out with only 5 000 kg back in June 2020.

In total I am pretty close to cracking the 1 million kgs lifted! If only if I had 1 euro for each kg lifted ..

Greasing the groove

I missed one day which was me being flat out lazy. I felt a bit bad about it but then I look at the progress I made compared to August and holy cow! I am not feeling bad anymore!

In August I was at 16 reps with the kettlebell of 10 kgs. I am now again at my maximum goals of 25 reps! I should, once more, order a heavier kettlebell. I’ll probably order them in December as I need to order two. One for the home and one for work because I am getting fed up with lugging my kettlebell to the office. Yes dear reader, even when I work at the office I do my sit-ups and kettlebell swings every hour. My co -workers have gotten used to it and since they have seen me do it for several months now they went from laughing at the crazyness of it to respecting the sheer fucking lunancy of it.

The kettlebell swings do add another 2 000 kg of lifted weights to my routine every days or an extra 12 000 kg a week!

Sit-ups I went form 35 reps to 45 reps! That is 10 extra reps 8 times a day for 6 days a week. I now do 2 160 sit ups per week. And I am pretty close to my final goal of 50 reps.


And here ends the good news show. This remains my weakest point. I continu to be stuck on only rowing on Sundays.

I have to repeat what I wrote last time: “doing three seperate exercices do help me mentally. Where in the past I just did one thing and then when I hit a rough spot in that one thing I usually quiet doing it completely I can now fuck up one of the three but still feel good about the fact that progress has been made in the other two

But the fact remains that I am not doing enough cardio. I am thinking of reworking my approach here. The girlfriend is pretty succesfull in only doing 5 minutes of rowing but doing it each and every morning. So I am thinking of switching it to 4 x 10 minutes during the week and 1 x 20 minutes on Sunday.

I’ll give it one more week and than perhaps change my approach.

But overall I had a good two months health wise: lost 4 kgs, made some progress on the fitness front and a lot of progress in greasing the groove!