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Monthly expense report: November

I haven’t forgotten I still needed to do my November expense report. But I am prioritizing my health more than my finances at the moment. The reason being that finances are more or less on automatic pilot for the moment and health wise I still have a lot of work to do.

It’s also the reason why I will be switching to a quaterly overview of my expenses starting next year. Most months are basically the same anyway.

With that said, here is the overview for November.

Income: 2 212 euro

Expenses: 1 408,53 euro

Savings: 803,47 or 36,32%

Yes indeed, I succeeded in remaining below 1 500 euro in November and I am close to ending the year within my self imposed budget of 18 000 euro.


One more boring and predictable income this month. The 2 212 euro is just my standard wage from work.


With only 1 408 euro spend I do not have a whole lot to report here either.

1 100 euro went to our joint account as usual

The bank charge of 1,33 euro for my account continues to annoy me. Mobile subscription was 14,70 euro.

I only filled up my Vespa 1 time in November so transport cost me 10 euro.

I still spend a bit extra on food (some of it good like sushi, some bad like pizza): 69 euro.

My fix visit with my dietician cost me 25 euro and the docter visit 4 euro.

A necessary expense I hope to have a bit more fun with next year was my webhosting for a total expense of 210 euro.

I also spend 51,70 euro supplements. One of which was cinnamonum because apparently interesting things start happening if you take a gram of cinnamon with every meal. I am VERY interested to find out if I can personaly replicate these findings. FinancialFreedomSloth, your human guinea pig!


  1. Dvdv

    It’s true about the cinnamon, Tim Ferris write about it in the 4hour body a couple of years ago. I do think he mentioned a specific kind. A gram of cinnamon a day is quite a lot to swallow, I couldn’t keep up.with the taste of it.Do you take capsules with the cinnamon or is it somehow concentrated? Keep up the good work!

    • finan112_wp

      It’s three times a gram. And yes I bought powder and put it in capsules myself, you can call me Mr. White …

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