Changes to the pay out system for our bonus means that the remaining part will only be paid out next year. So no extra income from that source this time. But I did do my best to stay within budget this month and even end the year within my self imposed budget. Find out how I did below:

Income: 2 339,69 euro

Expenses: 1 458,72 euro

savings: 880,47 euro or 37,65%


As said, just my normale work income + a small christmas gift of 60 euro.


I wanted to end the year below my 18 000 euro budget so I did tighten the screw and barely spend anything.

1 100 euro went to the joint account to pay the mortgage, utilisites and groceries

I also did spend 31 euro extra on food. To limlt this, 25 euro was also spend for my dietician. More discipline on the food front could eliminate both of these!

As mentioned in my last health report I bought the wrong sort of kettlebell, a mistake that cost me 80 euro! And now I have the problem of what to do with 2 heavy and very large kettlebell. Is it ridiculous to just put them on top of the posts and each side of our gate? Thinking about painting them gold and doing just that (the wife does not approve …).

Working from home meant I needed a new – quieter- computer mouse: 18 euro and the wife definitely approved of this!

A full tank for the Vespa (I have been going to the office one day a week) set me back 9,40 euro. And I remember a time when it was rare for this to reach the 9 euro. Gas has become expensive!

Gifts for people cost me 144 euro.

I also bought 40 euro worth of Ethereum because I thought you needed to have Ethereum in your wallet to use But this wasn’t the case! Well, I now have some Ethereum.

Mirror could become a blockchain alternative for substack, let you turn your writing into a NFT and monetize it that way or be the webpresence for a project and let you fund said project throught the sales of NFT’s. I am just exploring a bit. I sometimes have weird shit to say that doesn’t match with the overal idea behind this site here and I do try to keep my weirder tendencies limited here. Mirror might become an outlet for those tendencies. But my vision on cryptocurrencies remains unchanged! They shoudl be used to buy drugs, hookers and illegal firearms from markets on the dark web: AS GOD INTENTED! (/humor for the too literal people reading this).

As of next year I am no longer doing these monthly expense reports but switching to a quaterly overview of my expenses. They are boring as I do not spend a lot of money and I want to replace them by some more interesting content.